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Innovative ventilation system

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Innovative ventilation system

The backpack with the innovative, patent protected ventilation system is now in production in Berlin. Right from the start we were certain, that we would manufacture our product in Germany to fight exploitation in low wage countries. That is why we chose our manufacturers and suppliers in regard of fair wages and sustainability to establish a healthy business relationship for everybody involved.

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Having a wet back after wearing a backpack is a pain. Especially cyclists know this problem. Using the bicycle to go to the office often results in a wet shirt and sweaty smell. This can lead to uncomfortable situations.

The problem is the ventilation of the back, so that the moisture can evaporate. To tackle this issue, we have developed an innovative ventilation system which works without electricity or moving parts. It achieves an up to 25% more efficient ventilation in comparison to existing systems and keeps the backpack light. Due to the ergonomic design, the backpack is fitted for women and men.

Quality made in Germany

The backpack with the innovative ventilation system is a patent protected, freshly developed product from Germany. The ventilation between the backpack and the back is highly increased and are not matched by existing technology. 1air Backpack is suited for everybody, regardless of age, size or type of movement. By using the principles of fluid dynamics, we were able to achieve incredible results. When moving quickly, a lot of air is transported between the back and the backpack. Moving slowly reverses the system, making it work like a chimney to transport the hot air and moisture away from the back. There is no artificial cooling involved, that could result in hypothermia, all cooling is done using the air.

Design and functionality of the backpack were perfected by a lot of surveys, asking people on the street, sport clubs and everywhere, where people move a lot. These surveys helped a lot to improve key features of the backpack. Cutting edge materials increase wearing comfort and make the backpack waterproof without having to use a rain cover. Developing and testing the backpack took about three years and now that we are very happy with the results, we moved into production.

The innovative ventilation system was developed with sustainability in mind. No electrical or mechanical parts are used. There is no need for any batteries, engines or pistons and as a result, there is no wear of mechanical parts. The whole ventilation system weighs less than 35 grams. The ventilation system can easily be integrated into other backpacks. We can equip your own backpack with the ventilation system for you.

Every part of the backpack and ventilation system is made in Germany under fair conditions.

Technical Details

The intakes are adjustable to fit the posture of the wearer. This allows for the best possible airflow in every situation. No matter how you sit on your bike, just adjust the position of the intakes to get optimal results.

When moving slowly, the ventilation system uses the chimney effect to get rid of the warm air.

The air is evenly distributed through multiple vents.